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Oh, shoot!

I have been blogging for years now. I started on blogspot around 2007, switched to Friendster, then Multiply and went back to Blogspot in 2008. I changed my blog in 2009 because I wanted a fresh start. There are times when I would blog almost everyday and there came a time when I did not blog for months! 2008 was my most active year in blogging. And I know that one of the reasons, well the main reason, was because I have blog friends whom I felt were really sincere.

I am not saying that the bloggers nowadays aren't sincere. That's not what I meant. It's just that, it's pretty obvious how some bloggers just  leave comment just so you would drop by their blogs and comment back as well. Sure, receiving comments like "Cool post!", "Nice pictures!", "Nice Outfit!" are appreciated, but I just hope that people who leave comments like these gave some time to actually read what was written in a blog post.

I might sound needy to some bloggers out t…


For a week, I was given a chance to live a life that I wanted to live. I felt so happy. I felt so free. I felt responsible for myself. I did not worry much, in fact, I did not worry at all. Well, except for that one time, but I got it settled  right away. It was really fun. I know I said this already but I felt really, really, REALLY happy. I've been dreaming of living a life like that and I am really thankful I experienced it. Even for just a short while.
But then again, wouldn't it be a lot better if I were given a longer time to enjoy it? Yes, it was tiring. Even exhausting at some point, but if you were to ask, I can totally live a life like that! I would love to re-live that moment over and over again. I still cannot believe how so many things happened and had been accomplished for a week. So many thing had to be done and somehow, everything got settled. There was even an unexpected accomplishment which made everything more worthwhile. 
I do not even know who how to put …

Midnight Blahs.

It's Valentine's Day! Is this the reason why I'm still wide awake? It's past midnight and I am blogging. My eyes are tired but I couldn't sleep. I tried closing my eyes and putting myself to sleep but apparently, I did not succeed! It's crazy because I am once again trying to get used to something. :/ This is definitely going to be more difficult than before. Life can be such a joke. Bad joke. But then again, I know I should be thankful. I prayed so hard for it and my prayer got answered. It just so happened that it was a short lived kind of bliss. I know, I know! I should just shut up and be thankful because one of my prayers got answered.. But I guess that's really how people are? Always asking for more? Or is it just me? Were there ever times in your life that you felt both extreme happiness and sadness at the same time? I know this might sound crazy, but this is how I'm feeling right now. I am so happy, I am overwhelmed by happiness but at the same …

Some OTDs

As a little girl, I had these things in mind which I wanted to be doing. I had plans. I had dreams. I knew back then what I really wanted. Growing up, I took the steps which I thought would take me closer to those things I aspired to have and to be the person I aspired to be. 
When I reached young adulthood, I came to realize that it is not easy. Life is never easy. We don't get some of the things that we wanted no matter how hard we worked for it. Sometimes, it's really just not meant to be. We get things which we did not expect. We get both bad and pleasant surprises. We cry and laugh. We win some, we lose some. Life is a battle and you cannot always win. 
With all the frustrations, failures, sadness, successes, and happiness that I have experienced, the most important thing is, I learned. Experience, after all - cliche as it may sound, is still and will forever be the best teacher.
Right now, I am still far from the person that I want to be. I still get frustrated because …