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Oh, shoot!

I have been blogging for years now. I started on blogspot around 2007, switched to Friendster, then Multiply and went back to Blogspot in 2008. I changed my blog in 2009 because I wanted a fresh start. There are times when I would blog almost everyday and there came a time when I did not blog for months! 2008 was my most active year in blogging. And I know that one of the reasons, well the main reason, was because I have blog friends whom I felt were really sincere.

I am not saying that the bloggers nowadays aren't sincere. That's not what I meant. It's just that, it's pretty obvious how some bloggers just  leave comment just so you would drop by their blogs and comment back as well. Sure, receiving comments like "Cool post!", "Nice pictures!", "Nice Outfit!" are appreciated, but I just hope that people who leave comments like these gave some time to actually read what was written in a blog post.

I might sound needy to some bloggers out there but I don't know. I just really couldn't help but notice how some do not seem to give attention to what's really written in a blog post and just focus on the photos. There are even those who clearly and obviously do not  even bother to take alook at the outfit details. I would see blog posts with complete details and someone would comment, "Hey, I like your whatevers, where did you get it? Want to follow each other?". Seriously?!? We all know how a single entry can take too much time before getting published. Some photos need to be enhanced, words need to be proofread, etc, etc. And I am sure bloggers would feel disappointed and hurt if people do not even take few minutes to read even half of what was written.
Top: Riot || Pants: Taiwan || Belt: Forever21 || Shoes: Cotton On || Bag: || Mom's
I return comments, I appreciate every comment that I receive. I know I do not get a lot, but I do't mind. I would rather have few people who really reads and comment sincerely on my blog than get hundreds of "Cool post!" comments. I also do blog hopping once in a while, and I try my best to ready every single word written on your blogs. And I think that's mainly the reason why I feel frustrated when I get obviously insincere comments. I expect other people to pay attention and take time to read and appreciate each blog I post, because that's what I do!
Silly, silly me!
Okay. You can shoot me now. Haha. Kidding!


kim bim said…
very pretty pictures, i love your pants!!! thanks for the awesome comments, i am your new follower, would lurv you to follow back if you can. thank you so much.
lets keep in touch.
number 54
TorontoRunner said…
Fierce last photo - you can pose, girl! teach me!! i just have the hand-on-hip situation constantly. haha!

I love your posts :) I completely understand and get what you say about people sometimes just not paying attention. It's really nice to actually get to "know" each other through here!
Levi (tlnique) said…
Agree! I did a post a while ago about my mum being sick, with a few photos of flowers i took and i received comments like, nice picture; beautiful flowers! Okay.... whatever lol. But sometimes all you can say about a blog post is 'nice outfit' or 'looking good'. So don't judge all of them :)

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Ishna said…
I knooow. There really are some entries where all you can comment is how pretty the photos are.

I hope your mom is okay now. :)
Ishna said…
Hahaha! I thought my last pose was really silly.

I love getting to know people from the online world. And I know you're not one of those people who just comment for the sake of getting a comment in return. T
Megann Monday said…
I understand what you're trying to say here. I'm passionate about writing, so I'm even more thrilled when I receive comments that hint that they've read my blog post :) Regardless, I still appreciate it when people leave comments just talking about the pictures. After all, we can't deny that we do live in a more visual world now where the attention span mostly goes to the images. I think that's also why blogs have incorporated more photos now than before, to break the huge blocks of texts :) I used to post blogs that were purely text, and when I see it now, I find it so plain and hard to read (and to think I was already reading my own work). Haha! :)
cool outfit Ish!! it's great that you can rock polka dots pants, i envy that coz polka dots on anything never looks good on me. lol

and i can totally relate to you with what you're saying, it's really nice that you're passionate about all your posts and of course it would be much appreciated if people actually reads it. i sometimes wonder if people ever gonna comment on my post if there are no pictures in it, it actually pisses me off when some of them don't even bother to say something about the post and just comment "nice blog, i followed u, please follow back or check out my blog"., it's soooo annoying! and rude if you ask me, it's like bunch of brain dead people repeating the same thing to all the blogs they go to =/
CutestPrincess said…
hi sis, i know what you feel... but we can't control other bloggers, that's why we have to find bloggers who has the same interest as you. usually, fashion bloggers didn't effort much on their words, but they uploaded high-quality photos, like Anastasia Siantar of Brown platform. She just only write 2-3 sentences on her every post but she got a thousand followers. I also learned that most bloggers like blog entries that is short enough to avoid being boring.

It’s a GIRL Thing
Verna Abril said…
sometimes, others just see the photos, not the written content so it comes out that those bloggers are not "sincere" in commenting. but still, I appreciate the effort of other bloggers who really take their time to read the written content and publish "sensible" or "sincere" comments.

love this post!

Thirdbite | style blog
Agree with you! And you don't sound needy but people who write comments like that do...
Love your pants, such a fun photos :)
Ishna said…
Like what I said,I appreciate those short comments, too. What I don't like is when they would ask something that was clearly written on the post! Hahaha!!
Ishna said…
Thank you, Darling Chrissy! You know how much I love anything polkadots! :))

And I'm glad I am not alone in this! <3
Jenn said…
I know how you feel! haha! I really make an effort to write interesting articles and make my blog posts as substantial as it can be. Unfortunately, not all bloggers can appreciate that because a.) they don't like reading and find a thousand words post too boring; b.) because they don't have the time; c.) they just don't care about what you say; and, d.) I find most bloggers today are blogging simply to become popular, gain sponsorship, and make a living out of it. I am not saying that those are bad things. I mean, who are we to judge them, right? But it can be saddening at times that people can't appreciate your craft. I am not a good photographer which is why I write instead. Some people appreciate it and some people don't. I guess Julie is right for saying we just have to find bloggers who share the same interest as we do. Some are interested in high quality pictures and some are interested in writing. I guess you just have to reach out to the right audience. :)

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