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Bubbly Bubbles

The main reason why I have been absent in your comment box is because of my new baby. Ha! I thought everything would be easy and that it wouldn't take so much time, but I was wrong. I didn't know that an online store could take so much of my time!

So yeah. This is the name of my shop!  I couldn't think of a logo and I am not artsy enough, so this is what I came up with. I'm sharing with you guys some of the stuff that I sell! I'm just starting so I am still getting the hang of it.

All the prices I posted are discounted since I just opened! Lol. So far, I'd like to think I'm doing good.

 Last day of opening discounted price is tomorrow, March 10, 2013!
 Bubblish Shop Shipping within Metro Manila is FREE!
Please like my Facebook Page : Bubblish Shop
And of course on Instagram: @bubblishshop

Thirdy Pretty

One of the most historical and beautiful churches in the Philippines is the San Agustin Church. Last Thursday, I decided to, once again, go inside the museum. Yes, there's a San Agustin Church Museum! Last Thursday was my third time to see the museum.
The San Agustin Church is the church as seen from the choir loft. It's even prettier from up there! Really beautiful!
That's me doing the I-don't-know-how-to-pose pose haha! This was still at the choir loft area.

I am not really the person you can call religious. I miss hearing the mass sometimes, I don't regularly pray the rosary, but I always pray! Honestly, I've missed 2 consecutive Sunday Mass already. Good thing I dropped by this church last week Thursday and heard a mass yesterday, for my sister's Sacrament of Confirmation.

There are actually a lot of Antiques inside the museum but most showrooms says taking photos is prohibited!

My friend from work took my photos. I was kind of frustrated that most of my…