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My Sister's Graduation

Aside from Manila weather and us girls, what else is hot? HAHA. Okay. Laaaaame way to start a blog entry! I honestly do not know how to start this entry. I wanted to write something interesting to keep you guys reading, but my writing skill sucks. Do we even call it a skill even if we suck at it? Psh. Since I do not know how to make this an interesting start, I'll tell you friends what I'll be blogging about. It's my sister's graduation! Yay! There, I finally said! So I'll go ahead and let the pictures do the talking! GAME!
So let me start by telling you guys how difficult it was to find a dress for my sister, Krizza. Unlike me and my youngest sister, Kiara, Krizza is not too girly. She's more of a Pants-Vneck kind of girl! She's not into accessories and dresses. We went from one mall to another just to buy her dress and shoes! I really like the dress. It's simple, classy and sexy! We found it at People Are People. Krizza was still wearing flats in thes…

An Afternoon With The Girls

I met up with some of my college friends last April 9, 2013. It is always so difficult to get everyone together, so when one of the girls suggested that we meet on the 9th, I was one of the firsts who confirmed! The last time that we had a get together was in January, when one of our friends came back from Australia. Which reminds me, ugh, I was not able to blog about that. Aaaanyway, back to the get together.
As always, it took me some time to decide on what to wear and get myself ready for the get together. I had to meet up and get new stocks for my online shop in the morning and I rushed back home to make it to our 2PM meeting time! On that day, it wasn't as hot as it usually is since summer officially started. It even looked like it was going to rain, so I decided to wear a 3/4 shirt and a skater skirt. Ha!
Sooooo, I was supposed to get my OTD photo taken by my friend, Hazel, but I don't know what happened.   These photos will do. Anyway, I was wearing my almost worn out …

Definitely Not A Review

I got these goodies few months ago. I know, I know. Just goes to show that I am not that much of a make up person. Well, I like them make ups, but you know, not as much as I love dresses or bags! Or books! I think I have mentioned before that my Tito and Tita work for these brands and they usually send me make up. Make ups which I barely use. As much as I'd love to keep everything with me, I know that it'll only go to waste so I decided to give away some on my online store (Bubblish Shop) when I just opened! 
What I kept with me are the MAC Plumful lipstick, liquid foundation, loose powder, studio fix powder foundation and lip hydrant; Clinique Make Up Palette and Bobbie Brown Mascara. 

I love the colors in this palette. Not too much for a person like me. HAHA. I mean, I am not really experimental when it comes to make up. All I know is the basic! This is actually perfect!

And of course, this is what I like best! I'm always very thankful for any help I could get! And no, I…