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Baguio Day 1

Hey everyone! I am sorry for not being able to visit your blogs. I just got back from a short trip with my family. I love the cold weather in Baguio, but really, I love going to the beach more! Okay, I don't think it's right to complain. :P So anyway, just like any other vacation blog entries, I'm going to bombard you with photos! Here we go. 
First things first. We left Manila last Friday and we checked in at Recedencia Alekzandra. It's decent transient home with two rooms (5 beds) and a bathroom. The kitchen has the cooking utensils that you might need if you want to cook. What I love about this transient home is that it's kind of country inspired. Plus, all rooms has a 'balcony view'/ Lol.  And here's the view at our 'balcony' :P  Here's how it looks inside. Nothing fancy, really. And... That's my father. We took a nap first before exploring the city of pines!  Oh, wait. I did not take a nap. I curled my hair!  First stop was the Bot…

My First Ever Giveaway! (CLOSED!!!)

Hey, hey everyone! After mentioning about my giveaway on two blog entries, I am finally posting my first ever giveaway entry!  Woohoo! I'm gonna stop blabbering now and post the items you can get. :)
1) Bubblish Shop Bag
2) Rare MAC Wonderwoman Cosmetic Belt Bag in Gold
3) Nail Decals [Additional Items - 22May2013] 4) Fanny Serrano Cosmetics: Lipstick, Blusher and Eyebrow Pencil
I will still add some items in the next few days, so watch out for that! Now, let's go to the mechanics. Really easy girls, so here we go:
1) Like Bubblish Shop on Facebook:
2) Send a tweet containing this message:  I am joining Everything Colorful's Birthday Giveaway. Visit  for the mechanics and get a chance to win, too! (Account must be public so I can check your tweet)
3) Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
4) Post a comment with the following details: 
NameEmail AdFacebook URLTwitter UsernameBlog URLTwe…

Hair Matters

When it comes to my hair, I always play safe. Hair check! Last time I had my hair really short? Hmmm, when I was in elementary school! I think I was in second grade? I don't remember if it was my grandmother or my mother who decided that I should have my hair cut short. I was just a little kid so I had no choice but to oblige. I obviously did not like how it turned out. It was actually because of that experience that I don't ever want to make a dramatic change to my hair. I remember how some of my classmates made a not so good comment with my then new haircut. THE hair can actually make you (feel) really ugly or pretty. So hair matters, right? RIGHT???
See, it's always in (almost) the same length. Straight. The only difference I actually make is the fringe. I either have it pulled back, full, side swept or none at all! And my face is asymmetrical (plus big) so yeah. I really don't have that much choice. I don't have the face which is flattering to short hair or any …

Lips Are Sealed

Lately, I have been playing with the make up that I have. And also, I've been watching make up gurus once again. I started watching make up tutorials when Michelle Phan was just starting to get famous. You know, when she used to film in her room and with her then signature background music and very calm voice. I still love her, it's just that, since I went back watching make up tutorials few months back, I noticed how she changed! In a good way, of course. I am so happy for her! Anyway, enough of Michelle and back to me and my make up. lol. I do not have so much, but I think I have a lot for someone who claims that she's not into make up! Especially lipsticks.
So the main reason why I went back to watching Michelle Phan and started watching other gurus is because of the stuff that my Aunt gave me. I do not want to put those make up into waste, so I thought, why not give it a try! Ha! I started to really use make up in college, but it had to be minimal or else, Sister Flor…