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Baguio Day 1

Hey everyone! I am sorry for not being able to visit your blogs. I just got back from a short trip with my family. I love the cold weather in Baguio, but really, I love going to the beach more! Okay, I don't think it's right to complain. :P So anyway, just like any other vacation blog entries, I'm going to bombard you with photos! Here we go. 

First things first. We left Manila last Friday and we checked in at Recedencia Alekzandra. It's decent transient home with two rooms (5 beds) and a bathroom. The kitchen has the cooking utensils that you might need if you want to cook.
What I love about this transient home is that it's kind of country inspired. Plus, all rooms has a 'balcony view'/ Lol. 
And here's the view at our 'balcony' :P
 Here's how it looks inside. Nothing fancy, really. And... That's my father. We took a nap first before exploring the city of pines! 
Oh, wait. I did not take a nap. I curled my hair! 
First stop was the Botanical Garden. Of course, we were greeted by these Igorots.
Father is not amused. LOL

 After going to Botanical Garden, we went to Wright Park then we also visited The Mansion
BROTHER is not amused. LOL
Seriously, what is it with taking photos that piss off men? What?? Whyyy?? :)))

We were supposed to go Camp John Hay and Mine's View Park on our first day but we were all so tired and hungry and sleepy. And we needed use the restroom, so we decided to just eat at SM, head back to the Transient home and rest again for a while.
After resting for a bit, we decided to visit the Lourdes Grotto and said our prayers. :)

I think ending our first day at the Lourdes Grotto was the perfect way to cap off the night. It was so tiring and exhausting to climb up the stairs, but it was worth it. I needed that time at the grotto. :)

So basically, that's it for our first day. We actually went to Burnham Park after our visit to the grotto but I'm having a separate entry about that Park!

Pink Top: Alcott
Leggings: Mint
Cardigan: Greenhills Tiangge
Bag: Bubblish Shop
Shoes: Bershka

Anyway, my giveaway is still open and I will be adding some items later tonight. If you live in the Philippines, please feel free to join! Here's the link: My First Ever Giveaway

What about you guys? Did you go anywhere this weekend? Have you been to Baguio? :)


Jenniya said…
I miss Baguio so much! Nice pictures. :)
Steph-G said…
Ganda, I really want to visit Baguio someday :D
OMG! wow,the place looks so nice Ish!!!
I badly wanna visit Baguio the summer capital of our country
The place looks great for outfit shoots too!
You're lucky to be able to visit there, pag iipunan ko pa ang Baguio haha
thanks for sharing dear

love lots,
Style-Delights said…
Such a nice family vacation! You look beautiful and LOL at the 'brother' pic!!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style Delights Blog
Aww na miss ko tuloy ang Baguio :| we were panning to visit back this June and I really wish we can push it. haha
kim bim said…
Woow... Very cool trip, I am sure you had a blast.
apple said…
aww. i'd love to travel with my family too. nice photos, btw. :)
Pooja Mittal said…
heyy... nice pics... where are your sunglasses from, aldo i have almost similar once d i love them to death..interested in following each other....
Dahye said…
Looks like a beautiful place!! Hope you are having a nice time with your family.
Janet said…
pretty and amazing photos! ^_~
Toni Pino-Oca said…
ive never been to baguio pa! hopefully soon i get to visit the place with my husband and little girl!
lovely photos!

btw, i just moved to a new blog domain and im hoping you can show me some love by updating my blog link on your list. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

toni •
Ishna said…
I miss the cold wind already! Thanks, Jenniya!
Ishna said…
I hope you visit there soon. :)
Ishna said…
Perfect talaga for photoshoots! Ganda lang ng nature. Hope you get to visit there soon!

Thanks, Christine!
Tan tan said…
I love Baguio! :) I hope I can go back there soon! nice photos. xoxo
SunnyToast said…
I love Baguio and I been here twice. first one is during the panagbenga and second one was just sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life:)

And this coming christmas I'm planning to visit again the place with my whole family and I know this is my mom wish so wish me luck girl:)

Btw, love your curl hair! best in effort ka dyan girl:)
Shugah Gonzales said…
I love your blog! I followed you btw <3 Been wanting to visit baguio... I might but not too soon :?
Tootsie Jean said…
I love Baguio and I live in Baguio <3 hihihihi. You should inform me next time you go here :)))

KTs lifestyle said…
I lived in baguio for 2 years! U should visit Ben Cab Museum next time. :) would u like to follow each other on google connect?

Ishna said…
IKR. Brotha is so funneh

Thank you! :)
Ishna said…
I hope you get to visit it again, soon! I want to go back there already! :)
Ishna said…
Thanks you, Kim!
Ishna said…
Thank you, Apple!
Ishna said…
Hi! Thanks! I got it from a local store here in Manila! :)
Ishna said…
It is a beautiful place! :) Thanks for dropping by!
Ishna said…
I hope you visit soon! I'm sure you'll love how natury Baguio is! ;)
Ishna said…
Thank you, Tantan!
Ishna said…
Hi Shugah! Thank you so much for following! :)
Ishna said…
YAY! Lucky you! I honestly want to live there!
Ishna said…
I know! I'm going there next time I visit! There are still a lot to see. :)

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