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Baguio Day 2

I have so many backlogs and I do not know when and howto write and post all of it! I was just so busy last month. A lot of things happened, I do not where to start or if I should post it here. Well, I better not. It'd be too dramatic, so no thank you. 
So anyway, I already posted our first day in Baguio. I was thinking of not posting the rest of our trip up north but, apparently, I changed my mind! It's always a good thing to back read blog entries from years back, so I want to blog it! And just like any other trip blog entries, I will be bombarding you guys with photos! I decided to collage the photos. Believe me,  I did my best to post littlest amount of photos as possible! Let's start!
Our second day in Baguio was spent seeing some of the famous tourist spots in Baguio. We went to see the Philippine Military Academy, passed by Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, Strawberry Farm and the Chinese Temple & Bell Church!
PHILIPPINE MILITARY ACADEMY To welcome you all on this …

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

One of my biggest frustrations is my skin. I have a bad skin. Lol. I mean, I have oily skin, my skin is prone to pimples, I am acidic and to top it all, I have big pores! And yes, I am living in a tropical country with nasty pollution and unbearable heat, so ugh. You can just imagine how I always struggle to keep a decent face on. LOL.
I have heard/ read about Benefit Porefessional but I am not willing to shell out 1K+ for small tube. I've been on the look for a pore minimizer/eraser and I am so happy that Maybelline has one now! 
WHAT IT CLAIMS: ♥ Poreless smooth skin ♥ Lightweight & breathable ♥ Instantly erase pores, imperfections, lines and creases ♥ Skin is shine free, even and baby smooth
WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT: ♥ PACKAGING - I love, love the packaging! I love that it's in a tube and easily squeezable! The translucent gel comes out easily and you can really control the amount that comes out of the tube. Plus, it's pink and green, so just the packaging alone is a goo…

My Birthday Giveaway Winner!

I know, I know. I posted that I'll announce the winner June 9, but I was out of town so I wasn't able to. But hush, hush. I am here now! :) And here are the goodies that the winner gets!
I was so worried that no one will join or only less than 10 will join because I had no time to promote the giveaway. HAHA. But thanks to everyone who submitted their entries! I'm sure your tweets helped a lot! 
ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Wallet Bobbi Brown Eye Shimmer The Face Shop Special Gift Set

Wallet MAC Wonderwoman Cosmetic Belt Bag Bubblish Shop Bag Nail Decals FS Cosmetics Bobbi Brown Eye Shimmer The Face Shop Little Gift Set

CONGRATULATIONS Ma. Clarice Lao of Princess in A City!

Please send me your shipping details: