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All Cutesy

Can I tell you a secret? I secretly want an iPhone only because of its cute phone cases! lol. Yes, that's the only reason why I want the ever so famous phone! My phone, which I love so much, is a Samsung Galaxy SII. I've had my phone since October 2011 and I can't tell you how much I love it.Even though it almost gave up on me for three times already, I've fought for our love affair! :)) 
So anyway, back to those cute iphone cases. As I was saying, I love the cases that are available for iPhones and that's the only reason why I want it! The designs, the prints are always so cute! I feel bad that when it comes to Galaxy SII, the cases are so limited! I have an ITOUCH (4thGen) and IPAD Mini but the cases aren't as pretty and as many as those of IPHONE's. Now why am I telling you this? Well, I'm just so happy that I am so not going to get envious of those pretty iPhone Cases anymore!Why would I be envious when I can make my own pretty case myself? YAY! 


Everyday Face Routine

Well, honestly, I don't do this routine everyday! Haha! Let's just say that this is what I do whenever I go out and I have the time to put on make up. I don't know about you girls, but it takes forever for me to get ready. I am so glad that I had my hair treated because it surely saved me a lot of time. If I have to leave my house at 10 in the morning, I should wake up at 7 in the morning. Three hours to convince myself that I need to get up already, attend to morning washroom routine, eat breakfast, check my social networking sites, reply to inquiries at Bubblish Shop, take a bath, let my hair dry, put my make up on, dress up and finally double check my stuff that I should bring out.
You might think that three hours is a long time, but there's a lot that I also need to attend to in between. And of course, I'm no expert in putting on make up. It takes me quite a while to finish my face.

 Here are the stuff that I use for my (not so) everyday look.
Prep Stuff I'…

Strangers' Golden Wedding Anniversary

When I saw this car parked outside the church, I didn't pay that much attention to it. I've witnessed a lot of weddings at The San Agustin Church already. I had no plans of staying and wait for the wedding to finish. Original plan was to just say a little prayer inside and leave. But when I get inside, I learned that it was a celebration of a fruitful fifty years of marriage! Wonderful, isn't it? So I decided to stay and wait for the couple.
San Agustin Church is just too grand! It doesn't even need that much flowers or decorations. Being the sucker for love stories that I am, I made sure to take photos of the couple and I really wanted to see the love and happiness in their faces. This little girl has a really cute and sweet face! I took many photos of her and this one's my favorite because she looked at the camera. Her smile is just too sweet. And look at those pink nails! She is soooo cute! :)
Fifty years of marriage is something that is definitely, definitely wo…

For The Love Of Pink

I think it's pretty obvious that I love girly and cute stuff so it's safe to say that it wouldn't surprise you that my favorite FAVORITE color is pink. There are people who change their favorite color when they  grow up or grow more mature but, that's not the case with me. I don't remember changing my favorite color. Yes aside from pink, there are colors that I love more than the others but no color will ever top pink! 
I have a LOT of pink stuff. Pink shoes, pink clothes, pink accessories, pink camera, pink everything! And I am just so SO happy that as of today the PINK family grew by two stuff and I know that it will continuously grow as time passes by! YAY! 

CHARLES & KEITH FOLDING SUNGLASSES When I first saw this at Charles & Keith, I wanted to buy it at that very moment. I was not able to buy it the first time we met and I am just so glad that finally, I have it already! It's so pretty and the case won't consume big space in my bag. This is way…

The Bling Ring

I met some of my really good friends online. One of them is Jay.  We met 7 or 8 years ago on this online forum. When I first signed up on that website, all I wanted was to get more updates from this reality show that I was so addicted to. Heehee. So I started visiting the online forum more often than I intended to, I started having random chitchats with a lot of people online. It was so much fun and so addicting!
When I first got to  encounter Jay online, I thought that he was intimidating. Lol. I don't remember talking to him as much as I talked with our other online friends. It all changed when I got to know him in person and we all started hanging out together. We used to hang out almost every weekend and we used to take soooo much photos. I think 3-5 of us would bring digital cameras and each one would have at least 200 photos! Oh, fun times!
It's sad that I don't get to see all of them anymore. I miss those times! I visited my old blog and I saw how most of my entries …

Nothing, really. Just had a haircut

Wow. It feels like every time I start an entry, I feel like I need to apologize for being MIA (like, always!) and for not being able to return comments or visit your sites! My internet connection is so frustrating. There were times when I'd be so eager to write, the things that I wanted to blog were overflowing but my internet wouldn't cooperate. I was actually supposed to post this blog entry last night, but aaaaas usual, internet connection was acting up all night. 
So, back to what I wanted to blog. I think I blogged about my hair a couple of times already. And just an update, I finally had the time and courage to chop off my hair! The tips of my hair is so damaged so I had no choice but to have it shortened. I also had my hair treatment and finally, my hair color had been retouched! Woohoo!
 So here's my before the hair make over photo. This was actually taken few weeks ago at my grandfather's house.

And this is me now with my (not really) new hair. Shamelessly ta…