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Everyday Face Routine

Well, honestly, I don't do this routine everyday! Haha! Let's just say that this is what I do whenever I go out and I have the time to put on make up. I don't know about you girls, but it takes forever for me to get ready. I am so glad that I had my hair treated because it surely saved me a lot of time. If I have to leave my house at 10 in the morning, I should wake up at 7 in the morning. Three hours to convince myself that I need to get up already, attend to morning washroom routine, eat breakfast, check my social networking sites, reply to inquiries at Bubblish Shop, take a bath, let my hair dry, put my make up on, dress up and finally double check my stuff that I should bring out.

You might think that three hours is a long time, but there's a lot that I also need to attend to in between. And of course, I'm no expert in putting on make up. It takes me quite a while to finish my face.

 Here are the stuff that I use for my (not so) everyday look.

Prep Stuff
I've already mentioned (a number of times already, actually lol) that I have an oily skin. Of course, the oiliness cannot magically disappear, so I just make sure to use products which claim to reduce oiliness. 

Nivea Mattifying Toner: This is actually my first time to try this product. I used to use Tony Moly's facial wash and toner but it suddenly stopped working for me. I switched to Nivea Facial Care products and I'm liking it! 
Nivea Sparkling White Moisturizer: This claims to reduce shine on the face, too.
Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser: I've already raved about this. I love it and I obviously need to repurchase already!


Collection 2000 Naturally Matt Foundation in Shade # 2 (Blonde). I am liking this one. I bought this at Crossings in TriNoMa. I forgot the exact price, but this is 350-380php I think? It's really affordable so it's perfect for everyday use. And compared to my other foundation, my face appears less oily when I use this! 
Revlon Photoready  in Nude Beige. I'm just finishing this one because  I don't like the dewy look it gives when using flash in photos. I love this, but I've been using this for quite some time now and I think it's time to look for an alternative! 
BYS Blusher in Perfectly Peachy. I like like peachy blush. I think it looks more natural on me!

I just started filling in my more than a year ago. I used to think that my brows needed no fillings whatsoever. Haha! But then, I colored my hair so of course I needed to change my brows' color, too  and so I learned -- well, still learning. The eyebrows make such a big difference in one's look! 

BYS Brow and Eye Pencil. I use this to define my brows.
Ever Bilena Brow Pencil . I use this to fill in my brows. 
Prestige Brow Perfection. I bought this at Beauty Bar and I love how it comes with both tinted and clear gel. I actually need to purchase a new one, in a ligther shade because I changed the color of my hair again. HAHA! There are times when I don't reallt set my brows. I just fill them in. But when there are more important meetings and/or appointments, or when I'm in the mood to do it, I make an extra effort to use this!


  ELF Eyelid Primer. This is actually my first ever eyelid primer! I think this works for me well because my eyeshadow stays on my eyes longer despite sweating. :-/ I can't really compare it with any other eyelid primer tho. As I've said, this is my first ever eyelid primer. 
BYS Eyeshadow Palette in Natural Delight. This is perfect for a very natural everyday eye make up!
The Face Shop Eyeliner
Essence 2in1 Volume Mascara. I bought this one because of the packaging. I am not impressed with this mascara because my lashes tend to stick together and they do not look natural anymore.
► Tony Moly Make Up Eraser. I need this mainly for my eyeliner. HAHA! Putting winged eyeliner is so tricky for me. :/

These two are very helpful to ladies with oily skin like me. Living in Manila is a nightmare if you're oily like me. There are times when in less than an hour, I would look like I sprayed oil on my face. Thank goodness to these two because I can look decent for hours! Haha!

Essence Fix & Matte Translucent Loose Powder Of course, I've already accepted the fact that I need to blot my oily  face after a couple of hours after leaving my house. I live in Manila, I take the public transportation and it's always always ALWAYS hot! This translucent powder is working well for me tho. This keeps my face shine free for a little more time. Lol.
NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray I actually use this for a more important times only. I want to buy everything with "stay matte" label but given the weather in the Philippines and my oily face, I don't think I'll ever get a shine free face! 


Covergirl's Heavenly Paradisiaque. I love how this moisturizes my lips. I'm usually a matte lipstick kind of girl, but I love this lipstick's moisturizing effect and staying power! And it's perfect for everyday look.
MAC Ruby Woo. This, I use this mainly if I don't have enough time to put on make up. Powder, browse, liner and Ruby Woo are the make up that I used when I only have like an hour to prepare!
MAC Kinda Sexy. This is my current ultimate favorite lipstick! I just love this so much!

So basically, this is my face when I have three hours to prepare for a day out. HAHA! I used Covergirl's Heavenly Paradisque lipstick. I need to buy a new brow set/gel because my hair is lighter now. :/

If you look closely, you'll see that I was already starting to get all sweaty on my forehead! And that's just few minutes after putting on make up! *LeSigh


Elle J said…
lovely makeup

if u follow me, i will follow back for sure
i like the color of the 3 lipsticks <3

.never settle for less.
Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check these products out :)
Jenn said…
I consume the same amount of time preparing myself as well. Thanks God I work at home so I can not worry about how I look or even smell when working! hahaha! :)

The Pink Lemonade Girl
hazel said…
i want to try the nyx matte finish spray!! pero i agree, with our weather it's hard to maintain oil-free face all throughout the day! sad!
Shayne said…
3 hours is very long time ishna ^^ maabutan na kita almost, ang longest ko is around two hours :D btw i hope you can make a review on the mac kinda sexy, i kinda like the color based on the pic ^^ love the bangs :)
Steph-G said…
Cool products! i really want to try the NYX matte finishing spray. You look very pretty by the way :)
Mitzi Cocoa said…
Looks like a solid routine! You look great!
Ishna said…
Thank you, Elle!
Ishna said…
Thank you, Crissy!
Ishna said…
Oh, the perks of working at home! Hahahaha!
Ishna said…
It's working great for me, Hazel! A great help for us, oily people in Manila. :))
Sharina said…
I LOVE the lipstick youre wearing on the last photo! Is that Kinda Sexy? Gurl, Ive always wanted that pero never got around to getting it.
Ive passed up on lipstick lemmings kasi forever dry lips ko so di talaga maganda tingnan saken :'( Although if I do get a MAC lemming, it would def be Kinda Sexy. Thanks for sharing this Ish!
ROXY said…
i also use the elf eyelid primer :) and it does work for me too :)) hehe! you're gorgeous :) love the lippies :DD
Ishna said…
Hahaha! I know, Shayne. it's too long but I squeeze in work in between :P I'll try to do a review on Kinda Sexy. Thanks!
Ishna said…
Thanj you, Steph!:)
Ishna said…
Thank you; Mitzi!
Ishna said…
Thanks, Shari! The lipstick I was wearing on the photo was the Covergirl one!:)

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