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A Long Overdue Tag Post

Hello, hello! Hello August, hello everyone and hello there, blog! I'm not supposed to blog right now because I have this deadline to meet, but wth, I feel like blogging and I cannot let this pass! The reason why I'm blogging is because I read Shayne's comment just now regarding the Liebster Award. I've been awarded with this before but I did not do it. I can be a lazy blogger like that. I really want to update my blog so I'm giving it a shot. Keyti gave me the same award last month,  so I'm going to have two sets of questions! YAY! Sorry girls for the delay! But here I am now! Thank youu!

Questions from Keyti:
1. Do you have pets? I don't have any. The last pet that my family had was when I was still in highschool, I think. It was a dog.
2. If you were to choose between clothes and makeup, what will you choose? I'll choose clothes!
3. What is collection do you have?I have books, notebooks and cute trinkets.
4. Any favorite makeup brand? I don't really …