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A Long Overdue Tag Post

Hello, hello! Hello August, hello everyone and hello there, blog! I'm not supposed to blog right now because I have this deadline to meet, but wth, I feel like blogging and I cannot let this pass! The reason why I'm blogging is because I read Shayne's comment just now regarding the Liebster Award. I've been awarded with this before but I did not do it. I can be a lazy blogger like that. I really want to update my blog so I'm giving it a shot. Keyti gave me the same award last month,  so I'm going to have two sets of questions! YAY! Sorry girls for the delay! But here I am now! Thank youu!

Questions from Keyti:

1. Do you have pets? I don't have any. The last pet that my family had was when I was still in highschool, I think. It was a dog.
2. If you were to choose between clothes and makeup, what will you choose? I'll choose clothes!
3. What is collection do you have? I have books, notebooks and cute trinkets.
4. Any favorite makeup brand? I don't really have a favorite make up brand. I'm not really choosy! Heehee
5. Do you go thrift shopping? Why or why not? I LOVE thrift shopping! Too many treasures in thrift shops!
6. What is your ultimate favorite food? (no cheating, choose one only dear. ;D) PASTA!
7. What is that one beauty product that you cannot live without? Uhm, this is a tough one. Well, I honestly think I can live without beauty products haha! Press powder? lol
8. What are your favorite clothing labels/brands? No particular favorite. But whenever I need to buy new clothes, I go to Forever21 first.
9. Do you still keep stuffed toys/animals? I don't.
10. What is your favorite series? Gossip Girl! Hands down! Never been hooked in any other series after GG ended.
11. What is your dream wedding? Just a simple intimate ceremony with the people I love. :)

Questions from Shayne:

1. Describe your blog in one word. Random. I basically anything and everything under the sun!
2. When and why did you first decide to start your blog? I forgot the reason why I did! I think it was because I just wanted to document my life as a student. ;)
3. Who are your favorite bloggers / vloggers and why do you love them? I love Abbie, Ava & Ana! They're all As! lol
4. Do you like Thor a.k.a. Chris Helmsworth? Not really.
5.What is your favorite high end and low end make up brand? MAC and then, Ever Bilena
6. What boosts your self confidence? Ugh. I will get back on this question! 
7. What's in your makeup bag right now? I actually have a draft blog about this! I will finish this soon! :))
8. What is your beauty philosophy? Beauty comes from within!
9. If someone gave you a million dollars, what would be the first single item you will buy with it? A new laptop!
10. Suddenly there's a zombie invading your room, the first object you see on your right is your weapon, what is it? A coffee mug!

And because I'm a lazy blogger, I won't tag anyone! HAHA! Thank you again for tagging me, Keyti & Shayne. Sorry for the lac of updates! I've been feeling so meh lately. I will try to finish my what's in my make up bag post before the week ends! I'll TRY! ;)

I will have to end this entry now and start working on my articles. Bye!

Comments's nice to hear again from you Ishna!
great post, and skirt!
it looks so cool!~wish I have one <3

love lots, Tin
AVA T.♥ said…
awww so touched! thank you for including me to your fave bloggers :) love your skirt!
Shayne said…
yay thanks for doing the tag ishna :) im happy to see you blog today, hvent see you posted an entry in awhile. looking forward to whats in your make up bag post <3 take care!
hazel said…
nacurious naman ako sa question na "what boosts your self confidence".. dahil hindi mo sinagot :P anyway, glad you're back now :D
Hey Ish!! i really love your skirt on the photo and congrats on the award. :) I love Gossip Girl too, it's just sad that it ended. No more Chuck Bass :( Goodluck with your deadlines! <3
SunnyToast said…
Thank you for sharing bits of your life...I was once hooked with GG but at later part it kinda boring for me..then I started watching Spartacus:)
kim bim said…
I love your skirt, you look so chic.

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