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I'm Back + San San HD Foundation & 2 way Cake

Hello, hello! The prodigal blogger is back! I really have no great excuse for disappearing, yet again, for the nth time! I was just not eager enough to find time and blog. One of the things that I did while I wasn't blogging was to eat everything I wanted. And that would explain the gain weight! Haha! I'm TRYING to lose weight but it's just soooo difficult to say no to yummy food! 
It is the holiday season already and there would be a lot of events. Aside from the #1 'I have nothing to wear.' problem, one of the hashtagGIRLPROBLEMS is how to make sure your to keep the face look decent all throughout the event! For oily people who happen to live in Manila like me, that is a REAL challenge. I've been researching and looking for the best and cheapest option there is and luckily, I feel like I already found the solution! This is kind of like a SanSan HD Liquid foundation Review, but not really, 'coz I don't really know how to write reviews. Lol.