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Cute Creatures

It's never too late to greet everyone a Happy New Year, yeah? Soooo, HAPPY NEWY YEAR EVERYONE! I was thinking of what to post as my first entry for 2014 and I honestly couldn't think of any. And then my friend, Carlos, asked me if I want to go with him in  a photo shoot. I said yes, of course. We were asked to shoot puppies! I'm not really fond of pets, but those puppies are too cute!

I took over 200 photos and I am so glad that the owner loved them! :) I know I still have so so soooo much to learn but I will keep on shooting. That's the way to get better at this right? Practice! ;)

And here's the fatty fatty me. Lol. Why is it so difficult to say no to yummy food and so difficult to convince myself to work out. I need to get back in shape (kunwari I was in a really good shape, lol) for the summer! I can do it!

Being the prodigal blogger that I am, I will not blahb much. I will make it up on my next entry! Take care, everyone! :)