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San San Nail Polish

I was once very obsessed with nail polish! I would change my nail color every week, sometimes more often than that. When I was still in school, college, I would hoard nail polish from The Face Shop and Elianto. There was no way that I would be able to collect nail polish from China Glaze, Orly, Sally Hansen, etc during those times because I was only getting money from my allowance. Lol.
Then when I started earning, I explored other nail polish brands, the pricier ones. I know that it isn't practical to buy a nail polish worth 300php+ but I bought anyways. Then somehow, little by little, I learned stop myself from buying nail polish. I was contented with just 3 colors, 5 the most.
And then one time, I had my nails cleaned and polished by someone. She used SanSan Nail polish and I was amazed because the color is so pretty! Just one coating and it was looking good already. I went to the nearest HBC store to purchase some colors to try! I bought four colors and it didn't make me …