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Tagaytay is really one of my favorite places outside Metro Manila. It's very accessible, it's very beautiful, lots of good food and really nice weather! And on my latest visit to Tagaytay, I  finally went to Sky Ranch!
I'm not really a fan of amusement parks. If you ask me where I would like to go to relax and have fun, amusement park is not going to be one of my answers. And it's because I find it tiring and I don't usually get the most of what I pay for whenever we go to Enchanted Kingdom or Star City. In short, takot ako sa mga rides! HAHA
Pero since Sky Ranch is different naman, I  looked forward to getting there. But of course, I only had one ride in mind. The Sky Eye. 
It's even more beautiful in person and up close. I would always see it in photos and from inside a car, and it felt soooo good to finally see it in the flesh! 
It's a good thing that there weren't too many people when we went there. The view on top definitely did not disappoint.  A…

Work Make Up

Hi, hi! The reason why I haven't been posting (again!) is because I still cant manage my time. It's been more or less 6 months since I started working full time again, and to be honest, I am still not used to it. With the job, I'm all good, but with managing my time after work hours, that is where I am having problems with.
Why did I start my blog blabbing about my lack of time management skills? Haha! This is so not what I wanted to blog. Soooo, just like what the title says, this blog is bout my make up when I go to work. Stop. Go and blog about make up!
I'm not really experimental with make up. I mean, I already mentioned the lack of time management, and since I am no pro, it will take me so much time to try and experiment with new look for work. My work make up is usually just neutral eyeshadow, brow, liner, blush and lipstick!

Sorry, blog friends, I was not able to clean the babies before I took the photo. I couldn't wait any longer because I had the momentum…