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Where to Eat in Tagaytay: Marcia Adams' Restaurant

This place is probably one of the most raved about restaurants in Tagaytay. I think it was 3 years ago when I first rad about Marcia Adams'. I haven't been to Tuscany, but I remember watching Under The Tuscan Sun and this restaurant, even by just looking at the photos, gave me that Tuscan feelzz. lol.

What a blooper, I thought this door would lead us to the little Tuscany, but no. Good thing there were vegetable and pasalubong vendors who led us the right way. To be honest, I was not too excited about the food, I know that their menu has very limited options. I was more excited to finally see the place, in the flesh! The place was worth the wait. My kind of restaurant, my kind of place.   I wonder when did they start growing the plants there! 
 Who cares about the food when you've got this view while eating? That white house right in the middle of the field looks so lonely and pretty at the same time!

Now, enough of the lovely place. While it really is very wonderful, the…