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Red Engine Diner + Downtown Pizza - Pasta - Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Gosh, how do you guys keep your blogging lives so active? I suck at management. Be it with work, social, personal, online and finances, I suck big time! I swore so many times that I will make time to update my blog, at least once a month & apparently, I could not keep that promise.
I have no excuses this time. At least I am here, blogging. Trying. Well, I have so many lined up post. The photos are long overdue, but it is better later than never. Better to have a late post than nothing. So, let's get going!
And this, my friends, is another food post! 
It was my first time to try this restaurant. The only reason why we chose this is because it was empty. I don't like crowded restaurants. I was not expecting too much, I learned that so I could enjoy the food! :P

Well, since the name of the diner includes Red, it's imperative to order their Red Engine Burger, right? Since this post is loooong overdue, I can't tell you a blow by blow description of how it tasted. I jus…