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A Visit To The National Musuem

One random day, me and my partner decided to drop by National Museum. It was my first time after 28 years of existence and it feels kind of bad. 
We waited in line for more or less 15 minutes before we were able to be accommodated inside. They make sure that they don't have too much people inside. I was actually surprised that they don't charge entrance fee.
It was nice sight that a lot of people are still visiting the National Museum.  I was really impressed how beautiful it is inside. Although some of the items inside are in need of cleaning, the whole place is really well maintained.  That's me in front of part of the Berlin Wall Stairs are sooo grand!  What I have noticed is how a lot of visitors did not seem to pay attention to the signs in front of the displays. 'DO NOT TOUCH' labels are pretty prominent but I have seen so many people touching the items on display. 
We had really fun visiting the museum. It was just too bad that a lot of areas are closed. Ho…