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Artsy Cafe {Maginhawa Street}

Artsy Cafe has always been on my radar when it comes to choosing a place to eat in Maginhawa.  I have been told that the food isn't great but; that did not stop me from wanting to eat there. Although I have been wanting to at there for a long time now, I still opt to wait for a special occasion. And 1st of August is the perfect date!  It was a bit crowded when we ate there so I was not able to take photos inside.  I could sit here all day.
Now, for the food.. Since I had my expectations set already, I was not looking forward to eating that much. To be honest, I was more excited to see the place! My expectation was low so the food definitely exceeded my expectation. :P We ordered Mushroom Soup, Creamy Salmon Pasta, Oil Based Sardina ala Provencal, Baby Back Ribs, Brewed Coffee (Arabica) and Cheesecake Crumble.

To be honest, the food was just mediocre. Although I loved their Baby Back Ribs, all others are not exceptionally good. Would I go back? I would say YES! I don't know ab…