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Where to Stay in Bangkok : Cheap Hotel in Bangkok

Aside from the plane tickets (if you were unable to take advantage of the seat sales), the only other big chunk of your travel budget normally goes to the accommodations. When travelling within the Philippines and the purpose of our travel is to relax, we do not hesitate to allot more on accommodation. But if the main purpose of the trip is to explore and see as much places as we can, then we make ourselves ready to sacrifice comfort a bit and settle for something a little bit lowkey.
We didn't actually have enough time to plan this Bangkok trip. Me and my partner had our minds set that we will go to Bicol. But two months before our planned vacation, change of mind and plans, we ended up booking a flight to Bangkok! So needless to say, we spent so much on our plane tickets hence, we needed to make sure that we won't spend so much in where we are going to stay.
I have checked Agoda and everything is over our budget. Good thing I remember AirBnB! I started looking around and fo…

Bangkok Day 1 - Where is Chocolate Ville?

When Bangkok gets mentioned, one would probably think about temples, pad thai, relaxing massage, night market, and maybe traffic as well! But cute places and park will not be on top of anyone's thought bubble. I, myself, was pretty surprised and stoked to find a pretty park to visit in BKK.
This trip was my second time in Bangkok and even though I was still excited to re-visit the temples, I wanted to go somewhere different!
So, what is Chocolate Ville? Where is Chocolate Ville?I stumbled upon a blog post about the said place and, I knew that we had to get this on our itinerary! It's a dreamy and pretty park. You do not have to shell out any money should you wish to just look around. Entrance is free! :)

The park opens its doors to visitors at 4PM. It is best to be at the place at 3:30 PM so you can already start taking photos by this windmill and other pretty things before entering the park.
I think we took more than 30 minutes just trying to take the perfect photos by the w…